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Our Mission

Mother Teresa Catholic Academy, a PK-8 school supported by the parishes of St. Liborius (Steger) and St. Mary (Park Forest) in the Diocese of Joliet and serving the surrounding communities, is committed to teaching as Jesus did: providing excellence in education and dedicated to creating an environment where students grow spiritually, academically, and physically within the framework of Gospel values and Church traditions.
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Dear Prospective Parent,

Welcome to Mother Teresa Catholic Academy. We would like to invite you to consider sending your child to our Catholic school for the 2018-2019 school year.

We know that you, as a parent, want the best for your child and that you are your child’s first and best teacher. As such, you know that the first way children learn is by imitating adults in their lives. The kind of environment adults create makes all the difference in shaping a child’s attitudes, values, and beliefs. We all want our children to grow, to learn, to mature, and to succeed. We want them to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. But, in society today, helping children grow is a tough challenge. Popular music, movies, television, famous personalities, etc. all can teach children attitudes and behaviors different from Christian teachings and traditional moral values.

This is why a Catholic school education at Mother Teresa Catholic Academy is so important. It is not just that religion is taught as a subject every day. We believe that life lived every day in a Catholic school shapes children’s behaviors and attitudes. The powerful influence of living each day in an atmosphere of Gospel values and prayer is invaluable. It shows in every area of our curriculum from the classroom to the playground. Certainly we maintain high academic standards. But we do more. Here children are also taught to care about each other, respect others, and reach out in service. At Mother Teresa, parents can be confident that they will entrust their dearest treasures, their children, to adults at school who share their same moral values, adults who are dedicated to living the Gospel message themselves and are ready to create a classroom and school climate based on that message.

Each school year in a Catholic school, teachers see the transformation that occurs in children who come to us for the first time. We make a positive difference and we see the changes that can be made in a child who learns in the kind of climate we create. Catholic schools succeed and we invite you to invest in that success for your child. Please consider allowing your child to “shadow” at our school during the school day and see what things are like.

 The Administration, Faculty, and Staff of Mother Teresa Catholic Academy

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