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Admission Procedures

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Hello and thank you for registering your child(ren) to MTCA!  In an effort to maxiize our efficiency and reduce paper waste, the majority of the registration process is online.  Please complete the form below to start the registration process.

Registration is not complete until this form is completed and all fees are received by the MTCA office. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Thank you for choosing Mother Teresa Catholic Academy!


Non-Discrimination Policy

Mother Teresa Catholic Academy admits students of any sex, race, color or national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students in this school. Students will be admitted to Mother Teresa Catholic Academy based upon the following priority admission criteria.

  1. Currently enrolled in either St. Liborius School (Crete/Steger) or St. Mary School (Park Forest)
    1. A sibling currently enrolled in the school
    2. A Kindergarten applicant’s current enrollment in the Early Childhood Program
  2. Members of either St. Mary Parish/Park Forest or St. Liborius Parish/Steger with children not currently in the school or Early Childhood Program
  3. Catholic with children not currently affiliated with either St. Liborius Parish/School, St. Mary Parish/School, or the Early Childhood Program
  4. Non-Catholic with children not affiliated with St. Liborius Parish/School, St. Mary Parish/ School or the Early Childhood Program

Additional considerations for admissions are as follows:

  1. Mother Teresa Catholic Academy may require testing of students and/or interviewing of parents and students to determine eligibility for admission.
  2. In the case of transfer students, Mother Teresa Catholic Academy reserves the right to inspect former school records before admission.
  3. Criteria used for placement will be based upon the previous academic record, standardized test results, and teacher evaluation.
  4. All new students to Mother Teresa Catholic Academy will remain on academic and behavioral probation for a one year period following admission.
  5. Failure to cooperate fully with Mother Teresa Catholic Academy policies can lead to expulsion and/or non-registration for the following school year.

Proof of the following is necessary for admission:

  1. Baptismal certificate (if applicable).
  2. An official birth certificate. NOTE: According to state law, students entering Kindergarten for the first time must be 5 years old by September 1st. Those entering 1st grade for the first time, must be 6 years old by September 1st.
  3. A record of compliance with local and state health immunizations.
  4. Records from previous school(s).

General Registration

Registration for Mother Teresa Catholic Academy will take place during the spring for returning students. At this time, a fee of $175 per family will be charged. Upon receipt of registration paperwork and fee, families will be issued a FACTS tuition contract.

Fee Days will be held in August. At this time, parents will;

  1. Pay Book Fees
  2. Pay Home/School Guild Dues
  3. Pay Playground-Supervision Fees
  4. Pay Technology Fees
  5. Sign up for school committees, organizations, fall athletic teams
  6. Purchase supplies, pick up uniform ordering information

A Parent/Student Handbook and Supply List will also be provided to each family.

Kindergarten Registration

Mother Teresa Catholic Academy offers a Full Day Kindergarten Program. All students seeking entry must provide the following information at the time of registration:

  1. Birth Certificate. All students seeking entry must have reached the age of 5 years old by September 1st
  2. Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)
  3. Physical Examination Forms, as well as documentation of State Mandated Immunizations. These forms must be completed by a Physician and turned into the school office before opening day.
  4.  Proof of State Mandated Dental Exam. This form must be completed by a Dentist.
  5. Proof of Vision Exam. Typically an exam is performed in school each year but parents are responsible for completing the vision exam if the child is absent when testing is completed.
  6. According to State Law, failure to provide the necessary medical documentation will jeopardize a student’s attendance in school.

New Student Registration

Parents of new students who wish to enter Mother Teresa Catholic Academy from 1st through 8th grades must complete the following before approval of admission:

  1. Meet with the Principal to determine eligibility for enrollment. (if enrollment request is at any time other than the fall opening of school
  2. Provide a Birth Certificate
  3. Provide a Baptismal Certificate
  4. Provide a Copy of the Last Report Card
  5. Provide a Copy of the most recent Standardized Test Results

Upon acceptance, parents will be required to sign a Release of Records Form. All information must be received prior to admission.

Student Transfers/Withdrawals

It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the School Office when a transfer or withdrawal is to take place. An official transcript of records will be sent to the new school upon receipt of a Release of Records Form from the parent and provided all financial obligations have been met.

Change of Information

The School Office is responsible for maintaining all Mother Teresa Catholic Academy permanent records and must be notified if there is any change of address, telephone number, family status, or emergency information for a student. It is imperative that accurate and current information be on file at all times.