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Faith & Service

Weekly Mass

Students attend Mass once a week.        

Sacrament Preparation

Students in grade 2 prepare for both the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist in school as part of their Religion program and then receive these sacraments in their home parishes. Students in junior high prepare for Confirmation in school and are confirmed in their home parishes.

Daily Prayer and Faith Formation

Each school day begins and ends with prayer and students attend Religion classes as a subject each day in the curriculum.

Opportunities for Service

Stewardship is an important aspect of faith formation taught to students at Mother Teresa Catholic Academy. Students learn at an early age to give their time, talent, and treasure to help their school, their church, and their community. Homerooms engage in activities like making placemats and baking cookies for the parish Outreach meals for the needy; collecting toiletries for senior centers and nursing homes; collecting books, games and toiletries for a local veterans home, collecting blankets, food, and dog toys for a nearby animal hospital; and writing to soldiers overseas. During Advent and Lent. students participate in activities such as food drives, gift giving for Misericordia, and various projects that address world poverty and hunger such as Project Heifer, Operation Rice Bowl, Home of Hope in India, or South Suburban PADS here in Illinois.

St. Liborius and St. Mary Family/Youth Masses have resumed.

All-school Masses will be held each Thursday and Holy Days.

All 8th Grade students at Mother Teresa who have prepared for and received their First Holy Communion will be given the opportunity and privilege to altar serve at our all-school Masses.
Regarding altar serving: Both St. Liborius and St. Mary parishes are in need of altar servers.
Faith formation is not just for kids. Please check your parish bulletins for information on Adult Faith Formation activities and events. Make it a point to go to Mass, experience the sacraments, and grow in faith together as a family.