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The curriculum at Mother Teresa Catholic Academy is aligned to learning standards established both by the State of Illinois and the Diocese of Joliet. Students receive instruction in the areas of Religion, Reading/Literature, Language Arts (English, Spelling, Phonics), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Foreign Language (Spanish).

Departmentalized Classrooms

Students in grades 5-8 have departmental classes and switch teachers for the core academic areas. Students in grades K-8 receive instruction from a special teacher for Physical Education, Computers, Foreign Language (Spanish) and Music. Accelerated math and science students who are accepted into the program attend Algebra 8 classes and Biology at Marian High School and receive high school credit for these courses.

Mother Teresa Catholic Academy offers Physical Education twice a week in our gym facility, Computers once a week, Spanish once a week and Music once a week.

Students with Special Needs

Mother Teresa has a resource team of professional and para-professional volunteers who provide additional help to students who struggle academically. These volunteers provide small group and individual support for students, especially students in grades K-3, during the school day.

All activities for the resource team are planned by the classroom teacher as an additional supplement for the differentiation of instruction already happening in the classroom. Classroom teachers participate with the public school district to screen students with special needs, experiment with strategies that will foster student success, implement accommodations, and attend evaluation conferences for students with an ISP (individual service plan.)